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Misha Mendicino Designs

Misha Mendicino Designs is a Contemporary Lifestyle Brand for the everyday woman. Our easy to wear clothing always makes you look beautiful and feel confident, with soft and comfortable fabrics mixed with energetic designs and detailing make this collection a must have for the season. You don’t have to be vacationing at a resort or the beach to enjoy our easy to wear clothing, whether you are running errands around town or relaxing by the pool we have your style. Globally inspired by the Zen feeling of Bali, the tribal prints from South Africa to the lush tropics of Maui make for relaxed and breathable clothing that flatter any figure.The beautiful color are reminiscent of sun-soaked destinations with Mediterranean Greens, Maritime Blues, and Sunset Oranges all of which translates into the natural beauty of our Contemporary Lifestyle Brand..

Don’t settle for mainstream clothing, Misha Mendicino Designs, is for the woman who desires chic simplicity combined with elite sophistication that embodies her confidence and style. The Resort Lifestyle Collection by Misha Mendicino has become a unique style that signifies relaxation, affluence, and appreciation of nature which displays a sense of style for all women. Fine Beach Wear is quickly becoming the first choice for women for everyday wear.

About Misha

Born on California’s Central Coast, Misha has a deep connection with the natural beauty of the Ocean and sandy beaches; with a Bohemian spirit of travel she has lived in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Combine that with a flair for shopping and a creative appetite she undoubtedly immersed herself into the world of fashion. Whether it was altering the latest trends to fit her own style or just following the Runway of Famous Designers, she was always looking at ways to express herself. She believes that the clothing you wear can be a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself and life in general.

Misha Mendicino Designs is inspired from her travels around the world and the cultural diversity of the USA, Misha has coveted her own unique style of fashion and modest flair that does not conform to mainstream fashion. She is now living in Arizona with her family where she enjoys creating, designing and wearing her own label where the days are filled with endless possibilities of Love, Hope and Compassion. The mission behind the Brand is to bring awareness to her philanthropic effort to save the Elephants and promote rescue efforts before we lose generations of herds throughout the world.